Indie Royale Spring Bundle

The latest Indie Royale Bundle features 6 games from very different genres:

Unstoppable Gorg (Tower Defense)
Depths of Peril (Action-RPG)
Tobe’s Vertical Adventure(retro platformer) (Soundtrack included!)
Inferno+ (Action-RPG)
Slydris (Tetris-like puzzle game)
Ballistic (arcade shooter)

Except for Tobe’s Vertical Adventure all games are available for Mac, too!

As always tehre are great game concepts and designs made with passion!

Support the developers & pay a fair price! For everyone paying more than 5$ there’s a bonus: the acclaimed music album Roots by Danimal Cannon. Another reason to pay a little more. :)

Available for the next 6 days on

Indie Royale Pack: Serious Sam til Sat. 8 pm CET

Available for another 21 hours (till Saturday 8 pm CET): The Serious Sam Pack. Looking to do senseless destruction? Get 6 games from the legendary game series at

Please beat the minimum! The developers have earned it and you’ll never get these games so cheap again. And you’ll get a bonus game.

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I almost forgot: I wrote an article about Indie game bundles at Malte’s blog “Die Spiele-Ecke” (The Games Corner).Get it at

Right now the Humble Introversion Bundle is on sale with the classic hacker game Uplink and the fascinating Darwinia. Oh and please pay more than the average buyer. The developers have earned it!