-cut- everything’s almost new

This post marks a cut in this blog for two reasons:

1) this is the first post in multiple languages. The feature isn’t quite finished yet but should work okay. You can change between languages on the right.

2) After having let this blog go quiet once again I’m reviving it  (hopefully for a bit longer this time) for a study project. This blog is going to be an example for how internet marketing works . So please beware: everthing will get analyzed and scrutinized to the bone. I’ll be using Piwik, an open source web analytics tool,  for that task. And don’t worry, all data is collected in anonymized form.

If you don’t want me to track and use your data use this to opt out:

This also means that I’ll have to post regularly for the next 5-6 Months :)

F***book vs Lamebook

Interesting topic: Facebook vs. Lamebook (via techcrunch)

Ironic how Facebook’s lawsuit works as advertisement for Lamebook. I’ sure that the name is much better known now than a few days ago.

The issue shows how the modern internet user gives up not only privacy but also freedom of speech for the comforts on easy communication. We know this type of censorship from regimes like China with their propaganda and control machinery but so far most people have shut their eyes to censorship in our “free” western society.

One thing that always works against this kind of oppression is to do exactly the opposite of what Facebook wants: write as much as possible about lamebook, preferrably on Facebook.

Oh, by the way, Facebook did not delete my post when I wrote about Lamebook ;)