Ludum Dare #29 – Once more into the breach!

…wait a minute, there’s no breach, there’s just this huge wall! Where’s my Semtex?






This will be my fourth time doing #LD, and like last time, I’m going to take it easy and see where the weekend takes me.

I’m going to take advantage of Ludum Deals and try out PlayCanvas. Seems like a pretty cool tool. Plus, all code will already be on line, so you can follow my progress here:

Other tools that might be used: Blender, Photoshop, Ignite, NanoStudio


Here’s my LD profile:

Best of luck to all participants & remember: have fun, be creative!


Ludum Dare is the world’s largest game jam, happening twice a year with over 2.000 games made each time. There are two modes, the 48 hour solo compo and the 72 hour team-oriented jam. I recommend anyone who is interested in making games to participate. It’s a fantastic experience and possibly the best way to learn.

Ludum Dare 26 – post mortemLudum Dare 26 – a post-mortem


cubecatcher_ld48_1GAM Momentan ist dieser Artikel leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.
cubecatcher_ld48_1GAMLudum Dare, the world’s most prominent game jam, took place from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th of May. While the 48 hour compo runs the first 48 hours and only allows one person (who has to do everything himself) to work on a game, the jam, running the full 72 hours, allows teams to work together on an entry and it’s rules are far more relaxed, allowing foreign content (like music).

My last LD experience in December didn’t quite go as planned, but was still lots of fun. This time I had even less time than the meagre 48 hours given to compo participants. I had played Volleyball all Saturday and was too tired to even switch on my computer in the evening. Sunday morning I slept in, woke at 11 a.m., had breakfast and only then took a peek at the Ludum Dare theme: minimalism.

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Einige Gedanken und ein Scribble: der stalkerSome thoughts & a scribble: the stalker


Es war wieder mal viel los in den letzten Wochen. Die 7DFPS Challenge hat einiges an Zeit und Nerven gekostet, das entstandene Spiel wird demnächst wohl auch noch weiter entwickelt, nur ist noch nicht klar wann und wie. Das GameLab Freiburg hat endlich seinen dedizierten Raum bekommen, gleichzeitig wird die neue Webseite gerade umgesetzt. Das erste Game Design Bootcamp hat letztes Wochenende erfolgreich stattgefunden und 34 begeisterten Teilnehmern den Einstieg in Spieledesign gezeigt. Schließlich nähert sich das Semester dem Ende und damit verbunden rückt die Abgabe der Semesterarbeiten näher.

Zwischen all dem kommt natürlich irgend etwas zu kurz, bei mir wieder einmal das Scribblen. Jetzt gibt es wieder ein neues: den Stalker. Mit seinen stielartigen Auswüchsen sieht er aus als ob er vom Meeresboden kommt. Meist sitzt er in einer dunklen Ecke und wartet bis seine Beute vorbei läuft. Nachts verfolgt er seine potentiellen Opfer jedoch auch  durch die Dunkelheit. Eigentlich ein Feigling, aber gefährlich wenn er in eine Ecke getrieben wird.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. The 7DFPS challenge cost me a lot of time and nerves, the game we made will probably be continued some time but I’m not sure when. The GameLab Freiburg finally got a dedicated room, while at the same time the new website is in the making. The first Game Design Bootcamp took place last weekend and taught 34 enthusiastic participants the basics of game design. The end of the semester is closing in and with it the deadline for our projects.

With all of that going on, somethings are bound to get pushed back, in my case it was scribbling, once again. Today, I show you a new scribble: the stalker. With his stalk-like outgrowths it looks like something from the depths of the sea. It mostly lurks in the shadows, waiting for its prey to pass by. At night though, it follows its potential victims through the darkness. Basically a coward, but dangerous when cornered.

Scribble: SteineScribble: rocks!


Die heutigen Scribbles sind eigentlich gar keine echten Scribbles. Aber der Zeichenprozess passt ganz gut zum Thema. Daher zeige ich hier heute vier Steine in verschiedenen Zeichenstufen.

Als erstes steht immer die äußere Grundform, dann kommt die Füllung, die Schattierung, einige Details, der äußere Schlagschatten bzw. die Umgebung und die finalen Details.

Today’s scribbles aren’t really scribbles at all but the drawing process still fits the general topic. That’s why I’m showing the process of drawing four different kinds of rocks today.

The first step is always defining the basic shape, that shape is then filled with one base colour. Then comes the shading, followed by adding some details. The outer shadow and surrounding are added next and finally the finishing details are added to increase the sharpness of the rocks.