Project Giana @GameLab

I just posted an article on the game Project Giana on the website of the GameLab Freiburg.

The game, developed by the German studio Black Forest Games, has a great look & gameplay elements that will appeal to fans of classic jump an run games like Super Mario as well as modern remake afcionados (Rayman Origins comes to mind).

The Kickstarter-Projekt will run for another 10 days, until  August 31st.

OUYA @GameLab

I write an article on the new gaming console OUYA today on the GameLab Freiburg website. I asked the OUYA team some questions and got answers from founder and CEO Julie Uhrmann.

I think the console will be a great thing for the gaming market. It definitely looks great and if it really is only as big as a Rubik’s Cube (~ 6 cm³ / 2,5 in³) that’s incredible.

Here’s a virtual size comparison:

Hier mal ein virtueller Vergleich:

You can still pre-order the OUYA on Kickstarter till Wednesday.