Cargo shuttle animation

This cargo shuttle is only a a small part of a larger scene I’m currently working on but I think props are quite important so I took some time to make this.

I started with a rough sketch, which I then coloured and set in front of a starry background. I Iiked the result and started working on the 3D model. The animation was interesting since it was the first time I worked with XPresso in Cinema 4D (the rotating light was made to move with an expression).


Some thoughts & a scribble: the stalker

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. The 7DFPS challenge cost me a lot of time and nerves, the game we made will probably be continued some time but I’m not sure when. The GameLab Freiburg finally got a dedicated room, while at the same time the new website is in the making. The first Game Design Bootcamp took place last weekend and taught 34 enthusiastic participants the basics of game design. The end of the semester is closing in and with it the deadline for our projects.

With all of that going on, somethings are bound to get pushed back, in my case it was scribbling, once again. Today, I show you a new scribble: the stalker. With his stalk-like outgrowths it looks like something from the depths of the sea. It mostly lurks in the shadows, waiting for its prey to pass by. At night though, it follows its potential victims through the darkness. Basically a coward, but dangerous when cornered.

Seven Days to make a game

The 7DFPS challenge is nearing its end on Saturday evening. Over 150 Teams are working on a first person shooter right now, with only 7 days to finish it. Maren, Malte and I are participating as the official team of the GameLab Freiburg. We’re not expecting to win but the challenge of creating a more or less finished game within 7 days is intriguing. Since we only started on Monday  and since we also have normal university classes, the time pressure is even greater on us. What are we making? We’re working on a black and white western shooter. You’ll see how that turned out on Saturday. It will be published on, the GameLab Freiburg website and of course here

Scribble: rocks!

Today’s scribbles aren’t really scribbles at all but the drawing process still fits the general topic. That’s why I’m showing the process of drawing four different kinds of rocks today.

The first step is always defining the basic shape, that shape is then filled with one base colour. Then comes the shading, followed by adding some details. The outer shadow and surrounding are added next and finally the finishing details are added to increase the sharpness of the rocks.