A game in 60 hours: live programming by Mojang

Humble Bundle is hosting aspecial program this weekend featuring the development team of Mojang (makers of Minecraft) who are live-programming a game in 60 hours.

During event, called Mojam, you can watch the creation of the game via a webcam and screencast. At the same time you can buy the game while its still in development. As always on Humble Bundle you pay as much as you want. All proceeds go to charity.

For certain goals the Mojang team will do certain actions – from opening a twitter account to shaving off chief developer Markus Persson’s beard when reaching the 1-million-dollar mark.

Users were able to vote on the theme and genre before the start of the jam. However, not only the most voted theme/genre, but alsow the least voted on were chosen. The result was a real-time strategy shoot ‘em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme.

I’m looking forward to seeing (and playing) the result!


Anti ACTA protest in Freiburg

The Anti-ACTA protest in Freiburg was short, with the protestes walking only 400 Meters from the Kartoffelmarkt square over the Kaiser-Joseph-Street to the Rathausplatz. In front of the city hall there were speeches by representatives of the Green Party, the Left Party, the Pirate Party and others. Between 500 and 1000 participants faced the cold winter afternoon. Sadly, technical problems prevented the speeches from being heard by most protesters.

Here is a video and some images from the rally:

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Styx: making of (3)

Almost finished. The characters are finished and the main sponsor Coca Cola® is featured prominently.