YAML 4 ist here!

YAML 4 is here and it’s looking really spiffy! Apparently not much content has changed but the packaging has become a lot more appealing. The new website really makes me want to try it out and the new documentation is a lot easier to read.

The current ‘Technikwürze’ (‘technical spice’), a podcast about new web technologies, YAML-developer Dirk Jesse and other web developers talk about what is new in YAML 4 and the framework in general.

For those you still haven’t got a clue what this is all about: YAML is a great CSS framework, for developing websites.

Indie Royale Pack: Serious Sam til Sat. 8 pm CET

Available for another 21 hours (till Saturday 8 pm CET): The Serious Sam Pack. Looking to do senseless destruction? Get 6 games from the legendary game series at  http://www.indieroyale.com/#9

Please beat the minimum! The developers have earned it and you’ll never get these games so cheap again. And you’ll get a bonus game.

Styx: the journey starts – making of 2

Work continues: Sanding the walls, making the barge and shooting the first test photos in 16:9 format.

Styx: moodboard / scene sketch

Setting the scene is important before creating the set. Is the scene dark or light? Is it clean and new or dirty and old?

In order to get a feeling for the atmosphere of the scene I collected images from the internet. Some of those images had the right light, others a fitting colour palette or textures.

Using them as a basis I made a sketch of the scene . Very rough, like all my sketches, but the intention is clear.

Styx: the journey starts – making of (1)

Here are a few photos from the making of our stop motion project. The scene is mainly made of styrofoam and lots of paint. The figures are modified Star Trek action figures. The Water will be illuminated with uv-colour.


re: design

The new design is done! It’s colourful, absolutely not plain or classy, but a contrast to the Apple-look and very individual.

What were my motivations? For one thing it’s a complete design where all the parts fit together. All my old designs were patchwork, with ideas and elements from so many different areas that they just didn’t fit together. Furthermore, this design has a completely different style than anything I’ve done before. Vector graphics just wasn’t my thing. It still isn’t, but now I’m much more comfortable around Illustrator than a few weeks before.

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Styx: the journey begins – the story

Styx (working title) is a Stop Motion Project I am currently working on with Stephan Hafner.

The Story

A regular underground station. The concrete building is dark and dreary, only a vending machine and a few grafitti bring some colour into the scene. There are a few people standing on the platform, waiting for the underground.

Lights appear in the distance. The people are preparing to board the incoming train.

Suddenly the light flickers, the atmosphere changes. The cold neon light is replaced by a mysterious green light. Beyond the platform there is a vast shimmering green water.

The people on the platform are revealed to be dead. One has been hanged ad is still walking around with the noose around his neck, another has drowned and is still dripping wet.

Instead of the underground train a barge with a dark-clad figure arrives from the gloom. The ferryman pulls out a list and checks off names while one after the other, the dead board the barge. At the end, one person is left standing and looks on as the ferry vanishes into the darkness.

The light flickers again, the underground train arrives and the remaining person boards it.

Alternative ending:

The last person leans forward beyond the platform, looking after the ferry. The light flickers and the underground train arrives, killing the last of the living.