Daily Scribbles

Commander Keen Pusher-AlienLet’s try something new: I cannot draw very well, especially quick illustrations usually look like those of a 5-year old. In order to change that I will try to do a quick drawing every day – and I will post them here. That’s why you will see a new scribble every day in the sidebar at the right. These will be about various topics. From artistic drawings to technical illustrations.

Today: remembering Commander Keen monsters: the annoying pusher-alien.

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I almost forgot: I wrote an article about Indie game bundles at Malte’s blog “Die Spiele-Ecke” (The Games Corner).Get it at http://www.humblebundle.com/

Right now the Humble Introversion Bundle is on sale with the classic hacker game Uplink and the fascinating Darwinia. Oh and please pay more than the average buyer. The developers have earned it!