SSDs go Mainstream

Large capacity SSDs have been available for the industry for some time now but anyone who can’t afford or does not want to pay huge amounts for a fast hard disk had to content with a small SSD for the system and a large HDD for the data.

This setup works fine, but not as well as a full SSD-System and for Laptops whih usually do not have the ability to install two hard disks it was a major problem. SSDs were too expensive or too small to work efficiently.

Now, OCZ has released a consumer SSD with 1TB capacity, a milestone that still has its price: 1300$. Manufacturing large capacity SSDs does, however, also influence the smaller SSDs: they get cheaper.

The price difference between HDDs and SSDs is decreasing fast. Price per gigabyte is already below the 1-Euro mark. As a comparison: traditional HDD disk space costs between 3 cent (2TB drive) and 12 cent (250GB drive) per gigabyte. Still a huge difference but if you look at how fast prices are falling it doesn’t seem so bad anymore: One year ago, a OCZ Vertex 2 240GB cost 560 €, now you can get it for less than half of that, for 260 €.

I just put a 240 GB Vertex 2 into my Laptop. That’s ample space for daily work, even with large amounts of data from video and photo editing. No more endless waiting for the system or programs to start. When I need more storage (for archiving videos, music etc) this is outsourced to an external USB 3 hard drive.

My Desktop has a setup with a 80GB Intel X25-M SSD for the system and programs and a couple of HDDs for my data. This SSDs is now available for only 120 € and the speed increase is available to almost everyone. SSDs are ready for the masses.

The software is also ready. Windows 7 automatically recognizes SSDs and makes the most important modifications like shutting down defragmentation.

Right now,HDD prices are rising because of the flood in Thailand which resulted Western Digital shutting down their factories there – possibly for months. I look forward to seeing the impact of this catastrophe on SSD prices. Will they rise because disk space demand rises? Or will they fall because the SSD manufacturers see their chance of targeting the masses?

Official OCZ Press release

Revolutionizing the United States Constitution

Anger is growing in the U.S: anger at the government, at banks, at Wall Street and the financial industry. Protests are a daily sight and this protester made it into the German Press. I saw this photo in the newspaper this morning and looked up the blog.

An amendment to the U.S. constitution: let’s have a lottery

To sum it up: a longish rant and then the idea (in the last paragraphs): using a lottery system to elect members of congress. Sounds crazy? The author’s main argument for this idea is that the current representatives do not represent the US population properly, instead they’re mostly white, male and old. The lottery, at which only wiling voters would be allowed to participate,  would get young people and people from every demographic into congress.

Is it possible? Hardly, bu the repercussions would be fascinating to watch.
Read the article at:

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This post marks a cut in this blog for two reasons:

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