Ludum Dare 26 – a post-mortem

cubecatcher_ld48_1GAMLudum Dare, the world’s most prominent game jam, took place from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th of May. While the 48 hour compo runs the first 48 hours and only allows one person (who has to do everything himself) to work on a game, the jam, running the full 72 hours, allows teams to work together on an entry and it’s rules are far more relaxed, allowing foreign content (like music).

My last LD experience in December didn’t quite go as planned, but was still lots of fun. This time I had even less time than the meagre 48 hours given to compo participants. I had played Volleyball all Saturday and was too tired to even switch on my computer in the evening. Sunday morning I slept in, woke at 11 a.m., had breakfast and only then took a peek at the Ludum Dare theme: minimalism.

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2013 – the new year begins

Last year was a year of change and new beginnings for me, a(nother) year of learning and creating. I fully committed to becoming a game designer, created 5 new games and learned how much it really takes to be a creative game designer.

This year is the year I’m going to refine my knowledge and skills in the ‘real world’. I’m participating in onegameamonth, a
game develeoper challenge to make and publish one game each month. This is a big thing, because, no matter how small a game is, there’s always that last step of finishing and publishing that is higher than all the others. I’m also going to spend 3 to 6 months at a game development company doing a work experience (internship) and collect more practical experience. Finally, I will start my last semester of studies in October, doing one single finals project, which will be finished in February 2014. All of this will be extremely stressful and hard work but also a fascinating experience that, I hope, will make me a better game designer.

Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition

Ludum Dare LogoIn order to escape the daily stress I choose to participate in Ludum Dare #25, the worlds largest Online Game Jam. This weekend #LD48 gives developers 48 hours to make a game.

The theme this time: “You are the villain”.

So far I’ve got

  1. a title: The villain’s dream
  2. an intro dialogue sequence
  3. a concept that probably won’t work the way I want at all
  4. a 90 day trial version of Unity3D 4 Pro which is looking amazing
  5. 36 hours time left

Sounds good? Check out the other contestants, some of theri work looks amazing!

You can follow my progress on the Ludum Dare website:


P.S: Updated to WordPress 3.5, qTranslate is broken now, hence the single language post.

Fuck This Jam 2012

Fuck This Jam started today and will go on until November 17th.
The Idea of Fuck This Jam, aside from having a cool name, is that a genre one hates is probably also a genre one does not know much about. That ignorance and dislike or not knowing conventions of a genre will result in a fresh approach in designing game mechanics and look.

I will make a farming simulation game and if I don’t fall asleep something interesting might grow from it.

Project Giana @GameLab

I just posted an article on the game Project Giana on the website of the GameLab Freiburg.

The game, developed by the German studio Black Forest Games, has a great look & gameplay elements that will appeal to fans of classic jump an run games like Super Mario as well as modern remake afcionados (Rayman Origins comes to mind).

The Kickstarter-Projekt will run for another 10 days, until  August 31st.